Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring is Here

The weather here has been fantastic! Keeping in mind I live in Duluth MN, the fact that I am walking around without my coat on has been great...and then I heard we could have up to a foot of soon in the next few days! What? I am ready for spring! Flowers, gardens, picnics, etc etc. But I got out for 2 walks yesterday: one along the lake (and saw views like my etsy shop banner) and one at a local park that still has ski jumps where former Olympians used to practice. Looks scary!
Here is a view from the top (taken from the blog

Since you really have to get a jump on the growing season here, most people that are going to start gardens begin their seedlings inside. Here are some of mine, in eco-friendly coconut fiber pots that can go straight into the ground (when it thaws out :) ).

I planted beans, zuchinni, green onions, tomato, hot pepper mix, lettuce mix, colored pepper mix, and cucumbers. Very exciting!

Have a great Saturday!