Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring is Here

The weather here has been fantastic! Keeping in mind I live in Duluth MN, the fact that I am walking around without my coat on has been great...and then I heard we could have up to a foot of soon in the next few days! What? I am ready for spring! Flowers, gardens, picnics, etc etc. But I got out for 2 walks yesterday: one along the lake (and saw views like my etsy shop banner) and one at a local park that still has ski jumps where former Olympians used to practice. Looks scary!
Here is a view from the top (taken from the blog

Since you really have to get a jump on the growing season here, most people that are going to start gardens begin their seedlings inside. Here are some of mine, in eco-friendly coconut fiber pots that can go straight into the ground (when it thaws out :) ).

I planted beans, zuchinni, green onions, tomato, hot pepper mix, lettuce mix, colored pepper mix, and cucumbers. Very exciting!

Have a great Saturday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My first sale on Etsy

Good Morning!
This weekend was fabulous!...I woke up on Saturday and went into the lab to do a little work (more about my work soon). When I got back home and checked my email, I had a message from Etsy saying I had a sale! Here is the item:

I loved this pendant and am so glad it has a new home! Yay for a sale! It is a fantastic feeling to know you have created something that another person appreciates so much.

Perhaps it was a good karma sale? I had just purchased a ring on etsy that I loved only a day or two before my sale (thus breaking my rule of "No more buying for a little while until I sell something!").

More shortly!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


There has been a recently flurry in my world involving etsy treasuries. First, I was featured in one! It is very exciting...definitely a great feeling to know you are in one. That is my beloved (on my part) casual chic necklace on the left!

Then I started out the day making a treasury of recycled and earth-themed etsy items and giving it the provoking title of 'global warming':

Snow and Summer Creations

Happy Thursday!

Spring is in the air, the birds are chirping, snow is melting, and then suddenly we get more snow! It was was so warm out that a sort of mist/fog hung over while the snow was falling, creating this ethereal look. Here is a pic of where I work:

Yet even with the snow, I have dreams of summer...I began thinking about picnics at the beach, and had a vision of bumblebees (the big fuzzy ones) in the sky...and thus this new creation was born! I love the bee charm with the blue ceramic glazed bead and a single long pearl! Ack! Hard not to hold onto it myself!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Pat's

Good Morning!

Today is an overcast Monday morning here in Duluth...But, it is an exciting day. It is my first main showcase on etsy! I am really excited to just get the word out about Freshwater Pirate Designs...So far, so good!

I am also going to put my latest creation in my shop--a gold, spring-inspired lariat. There are colored pearls and delicate faceted gemstones. A delicate and beautiful piece!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Freshwater Pirate Designs is new to Etsy

As my first official post to my blog, I wanted to tell you a little bit why I am here and what I hope to accomplish. I started this blog to tell people a little bit about myself while promoting my new jewelry line on etsy, Freshwater Pirate Designs:

I have been making jewelry for myself, my family, and my friends for many years now. My husband began encouraging me to take my creations to a wider audience and let other people have the chance to enjoy them for here I am! I hope to learn some new metal working techniques in the future, so what is starting with mostly wire and bead jewelry will I hope turn into some pretty multi-faceted designs. I also have visions of incorporating many recycled and found items in the near future...I have got some pretty exciting projects started at home, so stayed tuned!

Why Freshwater Pirate Designs? What's with that name?

I live in Duluth Minnesota...I moved here about 1 1/2 years ago with my husband and my cat. I own an awesome little house from 1917 and just generally think this area is amazing! The outdoor activities are fantastic: hiking, skiing, canoing, kyaking, snowshoing, dogsledding, and on and on and on... Anyway, Duluth sits on the edge of Lake Superior--you have to see this lake to believe it. Amazing! Provides us with some tasty drinking water in addition to great boating and scenic opportunities. And the sunrises over the Here's a pic from my office this January--not retouched:

Anyway, I spend a lot of time either on the lake, looking at the lake, or thinking about the lake...and started thinking about pirates taking over our large unsalted sea! Adventure on the high sea! So, call it imaginative or call it strange, but that is what I am going with!

I'm gonna sign off for now...but check out my etsy page for more info. Send me a conversation and let me know you stopped by!