Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Pat's

Good Morning!

Today is an overcast Monday morning here in Duluth...But, it is an exciting day. It is my first main showcase on etsy! I am really excited to just get the word out about Freshwater Pirate Designs...So far, so good!

I am also going to put my latest creation in my shop--a gold, spring-inspired lariat. There are colored pearls and delicate faceted gemstones. A delicate and beautiful piece!


seaglassthings said...

Congrats on your blog and being and Etsy newbie - which I am sure won't last for long ;) - LOVE that necklace it is soooo beautiful!! Marla

missfire said...

Yay for Etsians with great stuff! I love that Lariat (off in a minute to check out our shop . . .) and your name is soo cute!